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A modular kitchen is the latest solution in kitchen interior design. Durable and functional, it helps you manage your regular kitchen tasks more conveniently. A modular kitchen layout contains modular units or cabinets. These cabinets are made of several materials, which hold accurate accessories. If you seek an expert modular kitchen interior designer in Kolkata, you have come to a suitable place for professional recommendations.


How Much Does a Modular Kitchen Cost?


For beginners, unlike your entire home interior design, the modular kitchen design and cost don’t rely on the square footage. Although size can impact interior kitchen price, it is not the deciding factor. The size and depth of modules, their types, complexity, body finish, raw materials, handles, and kitchen shutters are a few factors determining modular kitchen cost in Kolkata.


A carpenter may provide a per sqft price for building kitchens. However, they follow conventional tactics to create them, not particular to your requirements. Moreover, their kitchens also don’t feature a warranty. A modular kitchen design can cost more than a lakh. But at DydSpace, regardless of your budget, we can customize a modular kitchen design according to your choices, lifestyle, and budget. We make sure to provide a satisfying experience with our clarity.

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